Why do people pay for personal training?

As a separate service fee, personal training is a way for members to pay for individual, semi-private, or group training (large and small) with a professional fitness expert to help those members achieve their health and fitness goals in a manner effective. Trainers need to take a step back and really see the value of the service they provide. Often, when you take that step backwards, the benefits for your customers not only become more obvious, but also a point of sale. Promoting profits makes marketing great, but not a big sale.

When a personal trainer is employed by a center, the client pays the center and the center pays the personal trainer. When you pay for a personal trainer, you pay for the experience they have accumulated based on their own personal experiences. If a health club pays a coach 60% of the session value, the coach loses money per session when a client purchases larger session packages. Doubt may arise when you try to raise a new maximum repetition or reduce your running time by 1 mile, but a personal trainer can help you develop more confidence in your abilities.

Of course, personal trainers in big box gyms don't necessarily have to worry about business operations or managing other employees. A good personal trainer will watch closely to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly to maximize your result and focus on the desired muscle group. While this isn't true for all personal trainers, many have advanced degrees in exercise or kinesiology. But if you don't see results anymore or want to try something new, a personal trainer can give you ideas for changing your workouts.

If a potential client doesn't want to hire a personal trainer, don't bother trying to sell them training services. It's easy to think that personal trainers do nothing but play in the gym all day, but that's far from true. I'll also discuss whether or not a personal trainer is worth it so you can decide if hiring one is the right decision for you. Scheduling a session with a personal trainer can help make your workouts feel like a firm commitment that you can't shake.

If necessary, your personal trainer can also give you nutritional guidance to help you develop healthy eating habits. As a coach, you really don't need to do much more than listen and assure the person that you're able to ease their pain. This is another point that isn't true in all cases, but it's one of the main reasons personal trainers are so expensive.

Dalton Decoteau
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